Talent Mapping

What is talent mapping? We provide a holistic view of the talent market.

The trick to hiring the best talent doesn’t always fit within a classic search process. Instead, by identifying and profiling every possible candidate, our clients are provided with the ultimate map from which to exhibit the best available talent in the market. These talent maps provide details on people’s willingness to make a potential move, reporting lines, team structures and best practice in organisational design. Our talent mapping process provides our clients with the best competitive analysis to make well-informed decisions for the future.


What makes us different?

Our talent mapping methodology not only provides a full analysis of who’s in the market, but also invaluable market insight. Want to know if an organisation is going through a restructure? Or whether certain divisions are being transformed to create a new form of best practice? Our talent mapping techniques give you the lateral market knowledge which can prove useful when strategizing for the future.

What's the outcome?

  • Full professional profiles
  • Compensation data
  • Susceptibility to move
  • Reporting lines
  • Competitive analysis
  • EVP insights
  • Actionable benchmarks