Think about talent differently. We do.

Market & Competitor Intelligence

Who are your competitors? What do they know that you don’t? How can you learn from their successes or failures? Our bespoke market and competitor research reports provide you with all the information you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Succession Planning

You may be thriving today, but what about tomorrow? Are you sure you have the right talent to take your business forwards? Our research helps you identify and engage with your future leaders, allowing you to lock in long-term success.

Perception Analysis

Perception is everything. Unless you can identify and control what people are thinking about your brand, you’ll struggle to hire the best talent and you’ll probably lose the talent you already have. Our perception analysis studies help you get ahead of the problem, highlighting any reputational deficit and showing you how to fix it.

Talent Mapping

The best headhunter in the world is useless without a candidate to call. Our researchers are adept at identifying talent pools across every sector and geography. And we don’t just provide a list of names and job titles. We also find out candidates’ contact details, pay levels and openness to moving. What’s more, clients can access the entire data set via our online portal ‘Wilbury On Demand’.

Talent Pipelining

Some clients like to work their own recruitment process, using our online portal ‘Wilbury On Demand’. But if you’re short on time or resources, why not let us take the strain? Our researchers can engage with talent pools anywhere in the world, providing you with a rolling pipeline of warm ‘process ready’ candidates.

Executive Search

You’ll never hire the best candidate in the market unless you run a smart, finely engineered recruitment process. So that’s exactly what we do. From C-suite downwards, we’ve placed senior leaders into some of the biggest companies in the world.

Leadership Assessment

Our psychology-based leadership assessment service helps you de-risk recruitment. By interviewing candidates at length and identifying their genuine personality traits, we ensure you only hire the right person for the right job.


Changing jobs is an emotional decision for anyone, so how do you ensure candidates genuinely connect with your brand and want to join your business? Answer: you create a compelling employee value proposition. Wilbury Stratton can manage the entire EVP process, from research through to message development and rollout.

Some of our clients

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