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Wilbury Stratton's Executive Search Process

What is Executive Search?

Turnover is a business certainty. But what marks out the best companies is how speedily and efficiently they respond to each new hiring need. Conversely, delay in hiring – or, worse, rushing to hire the wrong person – can have deeply damaging consequences.

At Wilbury Stratton, we know how to de-risk recruitment and ensure our clients identify, attract and retain the best available talent in the shortest possible time. We have demonstrated this by placing hundreds of candidates at Director-level and above into some of the world’s most prestigious organisations.

Each retained search starts with a thorough identification of the relevant candidate pool. We then engage directly with the market via lengthy conversations and face-to-face meetings. This allows us to ‘sell’ the client proposition and make clear, fully benchmarked judgements on each candidate. The result is invariably the same: a compelling shortlist, prodigious amounts of market intelligence and a successful hire.

Our Process

  1. Agree with the client the defining features of the search; these will include the requirements of the role; the skill-set and personality traits of an ‘ideal’ candidate; how best to sell the opportunity; and the list of target organisations. We would also seek to understand any ‘lateral’ intelligence that our client requires as a by-product of our engagement with the candidate demographic
  2. Identify relevant talent universe as defined by the agreed target companies; make initial approaches and seek to set up face-to-face meetings with the best candidates
  3. Extensive face-to-face meetings during which we interview each candidate, achieving a detailed understanding of their remit, remuneration, push factors, personal situation and overall fit for the role
  4. Select best six-to-eight candidates and present in a final shortlist report, together with key findings, candidate commentaries, pay details, market analysis and any relevant lateral intelligence

Project Examples

  • Chief Marketing Officer (Big Five UK Bank)
  • General Counsel, UK (European Autos Company)
  • Chief Operating Officer, Germany (International Law Firm)
  • Global Client Leaders (Global Advertising & Media Company)
  • Head of Customer Experience, USA (Global FMCG Company)
  • Chief Risk Officer (Global Commodities House)
  • Chief Financial Officer (UK Fintech Company)

Who do we speak to?

Naturally, any Executive Search project focuses on the relevant targeted candidate pool, but we also inform our search by speaking to a number of other sources. The entire source-pool will consist of the following:

  • Potential candidates
  • Relevant informed sources who are not ‘on the market’
  • Ex-colleagues of potential candidates
  • Clients / counterparties of potential candidates
  • Named referees, as and when appropriate

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