Executive Search

We work on a retained basis for our clients. Each search starts with a thorough identification of the relevant talent pool. A quick turnover is sometimes essential in business. At Wilbury Stratton, we know how to streamline the recruitment process and ensure that our clients identify, attract and retain the best available talent in the shortest possible time frame. We are no strangers to placing hundreds of candidates – at director-level and above – into some of the world’s most prestigious organisations.


What makes us different?

Most executive search processes focus on the relevant targeted candidate pool. We take it that extra step further and speak to several other sources – some of whom you wouldn’t expect. Why? Because when looking for the perfect candidate, the desired industry is not always the most attractive. To prevent that tunnel vision, hiring out of sector allows for a fresh, progressive perspective to own that new role. In addition to this, we speak to relevant informed sources who are not ‘on the market’, ex-colleagues of potential candidates, clients/counterparties of potential candidates and named referees, as and when appropriate.

What's our process?

We present our client with a beautifully crafted shortlist report six to eight weeks after the initial brief. Of course, this can vary depending on the specification and complexity of the search.

What's the outcome?

Unlike traditional searches, we provide insight. From years of experience, we understand that simply providing a client with a short list isn’t always enough. Gaining insight into the talent market can be extremely valuable – particularly when many of our clients are concerned about future expansion and new roles.