Competitive Intelligence

Wilbury Stratton's Competitive Intelligence Process

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Most of our services are easily defined. Offerings such as perception analysis or talent pipelining provide specific solutions to generic business challenges. But sometimes our clients have bespoke requirements that can only be met by a carefully tailored solution.

One of our consumer goods clients wanted to understand a competitor’s product development process. A well-known auction house asked us to conduct deep-dive analysis on a rival’s back-office structures. Recently, we worked with an international law firm which needed insight on how its competitors generate real estate revenue in Asia. All of these projects demanded a highly sensitive research methodology which elicited maximum insight while scrupulously protecting the identity of our client.

Sound ethics are fundamental to the way we operate. We’ll never take on a project which unjustly disadvantages a company or transgresses our corporate values. But sometimes the answers you need are just a few discrete conversations away. That’s the time to speak to us about our unique Competitive Intelligence offering.

Our Process

  1. Agree with our client the precise list of required data-points along with timings, levels of sensitivity and agreed research methodology; openly discuss ethical parameters of the project and reconcile any value or business conflicts, as necessary
  2. Identify sources; approach with precisely designed engagement methodology and obtain insight as appropriate;
  3. Liaise with client on provisional findings; agree any additional lines of research that emerge from existing data
  4. Speak with sufficient additional sources to establish, cross-reference and corroborate all necessary data-points
  5. Collate, review and interrogate all information; either write and issue final report or communicate findings to client verbally during confidential face-to-face meeting

Project Examples

  • Company X – Product Development Process (Global Technology Firm)
  • Real Estate, Asia – Competitor Insight (International Law Firm)
  • Approach to Engineering, Key Competitors (Global Consumer Goods Company)
  • Market Entry Study, Aberdeen (Top 10 Global Accountancy Firm)
  • Support Services – Cost & Headcount – Company X (International Auction House)
  • Human Rights Advisory, Competitive Intelligence (Global Law Firm)

Who do we speak to?

Competitive intelligence work requires a highly discrete and targeted approach. Sources will vary depending on the nature of each assignment, but they are likely to include the following:

  • Current employees of target firms
  • Relevant ex-employees
  • Current and/or former clients of target firms
  • Authors of existing published material; i.e. blogs, online presentations, comments on professional or social networking sites
  • Journalists, market commentators

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