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Wilbury Stratton is a global intelligence firm, with offices in Brighton, London, New York and Kuala Lumpur. We work alongside the biggest names in your industry to provide world-class research and enable informed executive-level decision making. Every day, we speak with people who are redefining their sectors. This puts us at the forefront of market innovation. We know who’s thinking the big ideas and how and where the best work gets done. That’s why over a third of the FTSE 100 rely on our research, strategic advice and talent intelligence services.


Over a third of the FTSE 100 rely on our research

Why Us?

Our research teams are defined by their rigour, precision and attention to detail. Each researcher specialises in a particular industry and has an extensive list of executive-level contacts. This allows us to work at speed, obtaining the insights you need within the narrow time-constraints that affect all global businesses. Quality of delivery is also key. Our research is provided in cogent, professionally written reports which enable clients to identify key take-aways and understand all the implications of our findings.

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Our reports form the basis of multi-million pound business decisions.

How do we do it?

There’s no great mystery to how we work. We pick up the phone and talk to people. Every week our multi-lingual researchers conduct thousands of in-depth interviews on behalf of our clients. Sources include C-suite executives, business leads, talent managers, HR professionals, journalists, consultants . . . anyone who can provide us with the knowledge and insight our clients require. Often our sources will already be known to us; at other times they are identified in response to a particular requirement. All conversations are conducted in accordance with GDPR and our own strict code of ethics and professionalism.

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