Wilbury Stratton is a global talent research firm with offices in Brighton, London, New York and Kuala Lumpur


Why us?

Do you want to know how to source the strongest talent? Are you looking to gain insights about your organisation’s brand perception? Do you want to redefine your talent acquisition strategy?

We can provide you and your organisation with the tools, insights and expertise needed to attract, keep and develop the best talent in your industry.

What makes us different?

At Wilbury Stratton, we pride ourselves on our range of market leading talent solutions.  There are three stages to our strategic process, and each one is defined  with the individual client in mind.

  • Research and data gathering 

    First, we get to work finding out all about your particular talent needs. This includes analysing business and commercial objectives, as well as industry specific questions and challenges. Next, we triangulate the entire market to create a robust and comprehensive data set.

  • Integrating the findings

    Once we’ve gathered the data, our experts create an extensive report using both quantitative and qualitative research. This provides you with the best insights and most informed recommendations for your talent needs. We also include the background context and blueprint for success.

  • Turning insights into actions 

    As soon as the research is complete, we help you turn the insights into actions, so that you can make informed and strategic choices about talent acquisition, retention and growth.

Our experts


Dan Chester Managing Director

After setting up his first search business in 2002, Dan began a successful career running global research companies. Wilbury Stratton's group MD, he is passionate about driving change and innovation within the talent field. His experience spans the FS, legal and energy and sustainability sectors.


Alex Cheney Director

Alex has more than 20 years' experience in talent acquisition, having established and run a number of organisations in the UK and beyond. One of Wilbury Stratton's senior directors, his career spans consumer, technology and FS industries. Today, he co-runs the business, as well as heading up the Client Success team.


Matt Pitt Director, Head of Research

Matthew leads our global Research team. He joined the business in 2016 after a 20-year career in executive search and competitive intelligence. He has worked across a broad range of sectors but mostly focuses on Legal, Financial Services and Sustainability. He is also account manager for three of our key clients.


Susie Turpin Director

With more than 15 years' experience in talent research, Susie has worked for market leading brands such as Aviva, Korn Ferry and Barclay's. Her career spans multiple industries, and as a former Wilbury Stratton client, she has an excellent understanding of how to balance objectives with wider strategy development. 


Rebecca Manville Marketing Director

With more than 17 years' experience in marketing, Rebecca has worked for some of the UK's best-known brands including Tesco, the Daily Mail and Ascential. As our Marketing Director, she is responsible for building the Wilbury Stratton brand and raising awareness of our market leading talent solutions.