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Partnering with our Technology clients

If one sector defines our modern age, it is surely technology. Few businesses of any size can afford to ignore the huge opportunities created by the internet, mobile telephony and social media. But how do tech firms themselves stay ahead of the competition?

We work with a diverse portfolio of technology companies. Some are household names, others are up-and-coming market disruptors. Regardless of their size or reach, all our tech clients depend on the insight and intelligence they receive through their relationship with Wilbury Stratton.

We have helped a payments provider appoint a number of C-suite executives. We’ve provided a multi-national electronics business with dozens of insight and talent pipelining reports. And we recently advised an online betting company on the best global centres to source software development talent.

If repeat business is the best hallmark of quality, then our track record with technology clients is a powerful endorsement of our capabilities.

Subsector Еxperience

  • Digital
  • Hardware
  • Transformation
  • Systems Integration

Project examples:

  • Digital Payments: Competitor Analysis – UK & USA
  • Competitor Intelligence: New Product Development Process in (Company Deleted) – UK
  • Market Map: Global HR Leaders in Tech Firms – EMEA, Americas, Asia Pacific
  • Large Format Display Teams Talent Map – UK & Europe
  • Retail Director Search (Electronics) – UK
  • Location Analysis – Software Development in Portugal – Europe

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