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Partnering with our Life Sciences clients

In the field of life sciences, innovation is a constant. The best companies know that success is a never-ending process of responding and adapting to change. And of course helping to drive that change. But none of this is possible without a reliable source of insight into competitors, talent pools and ongoing market trends.

Wilbury Stratton provides its life sciences clients with privileged information on a broad range of matters. We are connected with thought-leaders across pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, R&D and engineering. We leverage these contacts to provide you with benchmark studies, perception studies, pay reviews and talent pipelines.

Few sectors are as guarded as life sciences. Moving senior-level talent is seldom easy and most stakeholders are reticent about sharing their market perceptions. This is where our unique research methodology comes into play. We establish long-lasting relationships with a range of well-placed stakeholders, allowing us easily to obtain the insights our clients require.

Subsector Еxperience

  • Biotech
  • Pharma
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Health

Project examples:

  • Perception Analysis Report: Oncology – Germany & Netherlands
  • Executive Search: Corporate Life Sciences & Tech Partner – London
  • Relocation Analysis, Pharmaceuticals – Europe
  • Talent Pipeline : Marketing Managers & Market Access Managers – Middle East
  • Mapping & Compensation Study (Senior Sales Managers) – UK

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