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Partnering with our Financial Services clients

Few sectors have seen more upheaval over the last decade than financial services. And the challenges keep coming. Companies are grappling with issues around brand, regulation, digital transformation... At the same time, tech firms are changing the rules of the game, using innovation to disrupt the market and lure clients away from traditional providers such as banks and asset managers. Then there’s Brexit. With huge swathes of the UK financial services workforce coming from the EU, companies need to work out how and where to access the best talent.

Wilbury Stratton has global relationships with some of the biggest names in the financial services sector. We regularly conduct research for three out of the Big Five UK banks. We are connected with business leaders across insurance, asset management, private wealth, family offices, fintech and payments companies.

This means we’re ideally placed to provide our clients with the solutions they need. Whether it’s a case of identifying top talent or devising a strategy in response to the latest regulatory development, we can successfully leverage our knowledge, know-how and industry contacts.

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Project examples:

  • Quantitative Analysis Intelligence Report – New York & London
  • Wealth Management Map & Intelligence Report – Dubai
  • Emerging Markets Talent Map – Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey & South Africa
  • Corporate Banking Origination & Relationship Management Teams Market Map & Intelligence Report – Middle East
  • Product & Distribution Team Mortgages Market Map – UK & Australia
  • Omni-Channel Intelligence Report – Global
  • Relocation Analysis – Ireland and Continental Europe
  • Chief Financial Officer Intelligence Report – Global
  • Chief Risk Officer Talent Map – Europe

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