Talent Pipelining

What is Talent Pipelining?

What is your company’s most valuable asset? Is it your product? Your brand? Your state-of-the-art technology? Or is it in fact your people? If you agree it’s the latter, then hiring and retaining talent must surely rank among your most urgent business challenges.

And that prompts another set of questions . . . How do you find that talent? How do you assess it? How do you engage with it quickly and successfully? How do you future-proof your business against resignations or underperformance? Our Talent Pipelining service provides a one-stop answer to these and many other conundrums.

Whatever the geography, function or skill-set, we can provide you with a living stream of great candidates, along with profiles, pay details and an indication of their propensity to move. We can feed this data through on a project basis or agree monthly, quarterly or annual updates. Either way, we’ll equip you with the ability to respond at speed to your every talent acquisition need.

Our Process

  1. Understand from our client the exact parameters of the relevant talent pool: function, location, experience-level, client focus etc. We’ll also agree the key profiling data-points and the preferred list of target companies, bearing in mind that sometimes the best talent is found in unexpected places
  2. Identify relevant individuals; engage with sources to corroborate findings on key talent, wider team data and relevant structures / reporting lines
  3. Engage with target talent pool, collating profiles according to pre-agreed parameters
  4. Feed through ‘pipeline’ either through mytalentpipeline or via other means as agreed with the client

Project Examples

  • Partner to Associate, Conflicts Lawyers (International Law Firm)
  • Senior Tax Accountants (US Investment Bank)
  • In-house Executive Search Professionals (UK Investment Bank)
  • Data Commercialisation (UK Telecoms Business)
  • Female Fund Managers (Global Asset Management Company)

Who do we speak to?

Naturally, the majority of our conversations are with the targeted individuals themselves, but we’ll also triangulate data and assess the quality of our talent pool by speaking to additional sources. The full set of sources will include:

  • Targeted individuals
  • Ex-colleagues of targeted individuals
  • Administrative and support staff (switchboard operators, Executive Assistants etc)
  • Clients of target companies

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