Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

There’s a perception that technology makes our lives easier. But with greater efficiency, comes a different set of challenges. Specifically, how do talent managers outpace their rivals in a world where everyone has access to the same enormous volume of real-time data? And how does a business minimise the time and cost of hiring so that senior managers can focus on business growth?

Our Managed Services solution takes away the pain and complexity of talent management. Whether it’s identifying candidates, pipelining talent, drawing up succession plans or stress-testing your EVP, we have the resources to future-proof your business.

And the better we know you, the more we can help. That’s why several clients have chosen to engage with us on a long-term basis, safe in the knowledge that their talent management needs are taken care of and their brand is presented to the market. Every such client receives a personal account manager, regular market updates and an immediate response to their every requirement.

Our Process

  1. Agree with client the parameters of the specific talent pool and attendant requirements, i.e. target companies, seniority-levels, location(s), functional expertise etc; also agree precise deliverables and timescales
  2. Identify target talent pool, engage with them as necessary: either a role-specific approach or a more open engagement, capturing pay, propensity to move and provisional career plans
  3. Manage the pipeline, as appropriate: agree regular updates on candidate activity and / or initiate immediate candidate pipelining and / or prepare report(s) on perception analysis, EVP, salary benchmarking etc.

Project Examples

  • MD / Director Talent Monitoring & Pipeline (Global Custody Provider)
  • Customer Service Transformation (UK Telecoms Business)
  • Managed Service: Quantitative Analysts (UK Bank)
  • Technology Investment Banking (European Investment Bank)
  • Managed Map – Global Distribution Functions (US Money Manager)
  • Compliance Professionals, All Levels (US Investment Bank)
  • Talent & HR – Global Candidate Pipeline (Global Media Firm)

Who do we speak to?

The precise deliverable on a Managed Services project can vary greatly, but our key source-pool is always the targeted candidate demographic. More widely, we would speak to the following:

  • Targeted candidate pools
  • Ex-colleagues of potential candidates
  • Prospective clients / counterparties of candidate pool
  • Administrative staff (switchboard operators, Executive Assistants)

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