Perception Analysis

Wilbury Stratton's Perception Analysis Process

What is Perception Analysis?

Perception is everything. Knowing what people think about your business – consumers, clients, candidates, competitors – is the first step towards building a market-leading brand.

Typically, clients mandate perception analysis studies when an area of their business is underperforming. Perhaps they are struggling to hire. Maybe they’re losing business to the same competitor firms. Or it might just be a case of not selling enough products to a particular client base. Whatever the issue, you can only fix it if you understand why it's happening.

Our researchers go straight to the heart of the problem. We speak directly to the target demographic and find out exactly what they’re thinking, saying and feeling. Should it be necessary, we've even developed a methodology which allows us to gain all the necessary insight without divulging the identity of our client.

Our Process

  1. Agree with our client the underlying issue; agree target demographic and work with the client to craft appropriate list of questions
  2. Identify appropriate number of sources drawn from target demographic; this should exceed required number of responses in order to allow for refusals or unreliable testimonies
  3. Approach sources via telephone and/or email, as required
  4. Collate, review and interrogate all obtained data; issue report presenting statistical findings along with commentary and analysis, conclusions, recommendations and suggested next actions

Project Examples

  • Tech Talent in Continental Europe (Global Asset Manager)
  • Female Professionals in Finance (Big Five UK Bank)
  • Regional Lawyers – Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham (International Law Firm)
  • eCommerce Professionals, Europe (Global FMCG Company)
  • Software Engineering, Malaysia & Singapore (UK Technology Company)
  • Location & Perception Analysis, Tech & Operations (US Investment Bank)

Who do we speak to?

Our perception analysis sources depend entirely on the demographic you are trying to tap into. Typically, this might be one of the following:

  • Targeted candidate pools
  • Prospective clients
  • Consumers
  • Recruiters
  • Current or ex-employees

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