Location Analysis

Wilbury Stratton's Location Analysis Process

What is a Location Analysis?

Relocating an office or function is one of the biggest challenges a company can face. Get it wrong and the consequences can be disastrous. Get it right and you lock in revenues for years to come. The difference between the two is having the right information at the right time.

Unsurprisingly, the last couple of years has seen a marked increase in the number of clients commissioning location analysis reports. A range of geo-political factors – Brexit, the rise of the BRICs, the emergence of specialist talent hubs in eastern Europe – has prompted most global companies to reconsider how they structure their businesses.

And that’s where we come in. Our researchers conduct numerous in-depth conversations with companies in the target location(s), understanding their challenges and learning how and why they’ve succeeded or failed. This enables us to share unique insights on talent pools, pay, universities, infrastructure, local culture and – crucially – the activities of your likely competitors.

Our Process

  1. Agree with our client exact data and insights required; craft specific questions for sources; confirm timelines, updates, deliverables and confidentiality levels
  2. Consolidate and review all publicly available information (government statistics, press articles, competitor websites, job advertisements etc)
  3. Identify and engage with critical mass of in-location sources; particular focus on employees of competitor organisations; cross-reference testimony with secondary data; fully explore any newly identified issues or market developments as sourcing process unfolds
  4. Collate, review and interrogate all acquired data; issue report with key findings, market commentary, in-depth analysis of competitor firms and conclusions / recommendations

Project Examples

  • Hiring and Retaining Tech Talent in Portugal (Global Gaming Company)
  • Relocation Analysis, Compliance – Poland (Big Five UK Bank)
  • Location Analysis, Tech & Operations – Dublin (US Investment Bank)
  • Location Analysis, Tech & Operations – Europe (US Investment Bank)
  • Global Relocations Options, Back Office Roles (European Bank)
  • Location Analysis, Eastern Europe (Global FMCG Company)

Who do we speak to?

We engage with a range of sources, depending on the unique requirements of your project. Examples of sources we have spoken with for previous location analysis studies are as follows:

  • C-level executives
  • Hiring managers
  • University admissions officers
  • Heads of faculty
  • Local politicians
  • Recruitment companies
  • Potential candidates
  • HR partners
  • City councillors
  • Business consultancies

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