Benchmark Studies

Wilbury Stratton's Benchmarking Process

What is Benchmark Studies?

Do you pay your staff a fair market rate? How diverse is your team? Is your business understaffed or is it actually better resourced than most of your competitors? A benchmark study will provide the answers to these and any number of other questions you might reasonably ask yourself as an employer.

Of course, you could simply tap into publicly available data – the internet is full of surveys, reports and PowerPoints – but in most cases this will provide a frustratingly incomplete picture. Our clients are looking for properly benchmarked insight. That’s why they commission us to hold in-depth conversations with dozens of well-placed market sources.

Our benchmark reports will allow you to measure yourself accurately against your peers. Whether it’s pay rates, team structures, reporting lines or diversity statistics, we can provide you with the specific, up-to-date details you require.

Our Process

  1. Agree with the client the precise data and insights required; decide upon relevant target companies and teams; craft approaches and questions for sources; confirm timelines, updates, deliverables and confidentiality levels
  2. Identify and engage with a large volume of professionals in relevant companies and teams; cross-reference data within and across teams to ensure consistency and accuracy
  3. Collate, review and interrogate all acquired data; issue report with key findings and in-depth analysis of competitor firms.

Project Examples

  • Retail Bank Management Diversity Mapping – UK (Big Five UK Bank)
  • New York & Middle East Corporate Diversity Report Global (European Bank)
  • Private Equity Compensation Benchmark Report – London (Global PE Firm)
  • Commodities Trading Compensation and Benefits Report – EMEA (European Commodities House)
  • Gender Diversity Map (Global Asset Manager)
  • Headcount Study, Regional Offices (Silver Circle Law Firm)

Who do we speak to?

Our sources vary widely depending on the nature of the project. Typically, we find ourselves engaging with the following:

  • HR professionals
  • Organisational design managers
  • Payroll professionals
  • Team managers & heads of departments
  • Diversity leads
  • Executive Assistants

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