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All our work is bespoke and tailored to our clients’ unique needs, so we recommend that you get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Leadership Succession Planning

If your CFO left tomorrow, what would you do?

We support you to identify and manage succession risks in pivotal leadership roles, and to hire tomorrow’s leaders today. Our robust research methodology ensures that you have total visibility of high-potential talent as well as established leaders and we are experts in benchmarking, engaging, and socialising this talent.

We also provide targeted insight into the wider talent landscape, which allows you to mitigate potential risks, deliver on diversity and ensure you take a truly strategic approach to succession planning.

Strategic Market & Competitor Intelligence

Our strategic intelligence enables you to answer critical business questions and solve your most complex talent needs.

Using a proprietary methodology that encompasses both in-depth market engagement and robust secondary data analysis, our research powers high-value thinking that enables you to make better, more informed decisions.

Services include:

• Organisational design & insight – how do your competitors structure their business or functions, and why? Who are the key leaders and where is the emerging talent?

• Strategic intelligence – what are does best in class look like across your competitor set? Who is doing it well and how? How can these learnings be applied to your business?

• New market & location analysis – where should you look to expand operations? What is the talent pool like in a particular location? Which companies have done this already and how did they make it a success?

• Perception analysis and EVP – how is your brand viewed by the people you want to hire? What could you do to be more attractive as a potential employer? Which companies have successful hiring strategies and what are they doing?

Leadership Assessment

Our psychology-based leadership assessment service helps you de-risk recruitment. With a rigorous methodology that is designed to identify candidates’ genuine personality traits, we help ensure that each and every hire is exactly the right fit for the job.

Talent Pipelining

We create bespoke, highly engaged talent pools that enable you to manage risk, build capability, drive diversity and quickly fill active vacancies.

Our consultative, collaborative and flexible approach means you can pipeline talent at a pace that works best for your business. Our pipelining service includes comprehensive market mapping and engagement, qualification of talent against key criteria, and candidate assessment and benchmarking. We then facilitate your introduction to high calibre engaged talent.

This is the perfect solution if you want access to the best talent in the market but need a flexible approach to recruitment processes. You’ll also own all the IP generated from our research, so you can engage and hire as many candidates as you like for no additional cost.

Furthermore, all our pipelines can be delivered and managed through our dedicated client portal, Wilbury on Demand, which also gives you instant access to tailor-made data from your competitive and talent landscapes.

Talent Mapping

Our talent mapping solutions give you total visibility of the talent pool. We use active market sourcing as well as a range of high-quality data sources, and our transparent, research-led approach enables us to find creative solutions for identifying and accessing hard-to-reach or untapped sources of talent, including diverse talent.

Unlike other firms, we never just provide a list of names. Our market-leading reports contextualise the talent and deliver insights that mean you know not just the who, but the what, where, when and why.

We also have a dedicated client portal, Wilbury on Demand, which gives you instant access to tailor-made data from your competitive and talent landscapes. With Wilbury on Demand, you can build and manage bespoke datasets, receive continuous updates on key talent market moves, and gain insights that ensure you are always ahead of the curve on talent.

Executive Search

We work as your trusted partner to deliver a seamless, full-service executive search process.

With expertise gained from top-tier search firms and deep in-house experience, we know how to ensure an exceptional experience for both candidates and clients. Our track record is global, pan-sector and spans Director to C-Suite.

Our shortlists are built on rigorous research foundations. Unlike many search firms, we never assume that we already have all the answers. Instead, we build an objective view of the market from a combination of active sourcing, robust research and leveraging our extensive networks. This means you can be confident that you are truly engaging with the best candidates for the role.

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