Succession Planning Case Study

Client: Global FMCG company

Facing the departure of a key manufacturing site leader in a remote location, our client mandated us to build a pipeline of globally mobile gender diverse talent capable of directing complex manufacturing operations. Specifically, they wanted to identify females whose career background demonstrated experience in both finance and strategy. The ability to shape a global company was also a key requirement of the role.

Wilbury Stratton identified 161 potential candidates across a total of 48 target organisations recognised for their excellence in complex supply chain and manufacturing operations. This pool was reduced to 36 candidates whom we expected to be highly impressive and closely appropriate to our client’s purposes. After holding lengthy and in-depth telephone conversations with each of these candidates, Wilbury Stratton then presented the client with ten CVs of the best qualified candidates.

On the basis of our report, our client opened crucial channels of communication with highly sought-after female candidates from a diverse range of countries. This enabled them not only to plan for the exit of the site leader but to develop a bench of exceptional female talent for future positions.

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