Perception Analysis Case Study

Client: Global consumer goods company

Our client was struggling to hire talent in continental Europe in spite of having strong sales figures in the same region. They therefore wished to understand how European candidates perceived them as an employer. They also wanted to know how other competitor brands were thought of by the same candidate demographic.

Wilbury Stratton identified and surveyed 150 potential candidates in Europe, asking each of them the same eight key questions. These were carefully crafted to elicit maximum insight while at the same time preserving the anonymity of our client. We then analysed the data, splitting our results in order to gain insight into specific sub-demographics (gender, seniority, role etc). Our final report contained all the data as well as accompanying commentary and a set of recommendations.

Our client acted on our report to make several significant amendments to its employee proposition. It also changed the way it approached the candidate market, increasing activity in certain channels and responding to proven candidate behaviour.

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