Competitive Intelligence Case Study

Client: International law firm

In anticipation of a search for a new Global Head of Knowledge, our client commissioned an Intelligence Report that analysed the knowledge teams and functions across a broad selection of law firms.

The primary purpose of this report was to provide detail into how the knowledge function was managed and structured on a global basis, as well as to provide advance analysis of potential candidates for the subsequent search process. In addition to this, Wilbury Stratton sought to gain insight into the key trends and themes pertaining to knowledge functions on a broader scale, in particular, the interplay between technology and PSL culture, to ensure that our client had an awareness of current thoughts around knowledge management best practice.

Wilbury Stratton interviewed over 80 individuals as a means of gathering the data required for the final report. This report then formed the basis of a successful executive search that ultimately saw the client appoint a senior executive from a leading strategy house.

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