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Inclusive diversity: what happens when we put inclusion first?

Better decision-making. More innovations.


Fourth wave coffee: what’s next for the industry?

It has been a long time coming. We have all waited impatiently.


Leadership assessment: the new talent service offering at Wilbury Stratton

In response to feedback from a number of our longstanding clients, Wilbury Stratton are now offering Leadership Assessment as a service. This can accompany our executive search/talent pipelining services or act as a standalone service.


Insurtech vs insurance: the new market entrants looking to edge out traditional insurance firms

Among the list of statements heard least often in careers advisory offices, “I want to be a claims handler” must surely rank highly. These days, being part of a working environment that utilises the newest technology and boasts a ‘cool’ company culture is a necessity for most young professionals – and a traditional insurance firm is the antithesis of this.


AI in recruitment: has the revolution been postponed?

As featured in People Management.


Talent mapping: five reasons why it should be a vital part of your talent acquisition strategy

Identifying and engaging with external talent is an effective way for hiring managers to prepare themselves for future hires. Whether they are proactively seeking talent for a single, niche role or are looking to build out an entire team, talent mapping can result in significant time and cost savings whilst ensuring top-quality hires.


Wilbury Stratton release Talent Insights 2019 Report

“What keeps you awake at night?” Over the last few months in 2018, Wilbury Stratton posed this question to its extensive network of hiring managers and talent heads.


Recruiting talent in Poland’s increasingly saturated market

As featured in theHRDIRECTOR. Smart, young and highly educated, Poland’s growing workforce hails from all over the world, including Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.


Techniques to overcome the software developer talent shortage

“Job ads and cold calling simply won’t work” Scan any job site and you will begin to understand the scale of the software talent shortage faced by businesses today. The arrival of the digital age means that companies in virtually every industry are in pursuit of highly-skilled tech professionals.