<b>Ten minutes with Jon Ridout, head of executive search at BT</b>

Ten minutes with Jon Ridout, head of executive search at BT

Posted on 01.08.2019 by Wilbury Stratton

Each quarter we interview a key corporate decision-maker, gleaning their views and opinions on a range of market issues. This quarter we spent some time with Jon Ridout, Head of Executive Resourcing at BT. Our conversation went something like this... Hi Jon. You've worked across a number of sectors during your career. Do you feel the challenges for heads of…

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<b>Time to ditch the nine-box grid?</b>

Time to ditch the nine-box grid?

Posted on 30.07.2019 by Wilbury Stratton

It's an assessment tool dreamed up by McKinsey in the 1960s. Disarmingly simple, its straightforward lexicon of ‘high’, ‘low’ and ‘moderate’ hasn’t changed in over fifty years. We’re talking of course of the nine box grid. Should we still be using it today? That’s the question we found ourselves asking during a recent project aimed at understanding best practice in…

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<b>Data commercialisation: how to set up for success</b>

Data commercialisation: how to set up for success

Posted on 22.08.2019 by Wilbury Stratton

Over the years, we imagine plenty of tech innovations have been hailed as ‘the next frontier in digital transformation’, but that hasn’t discouraged Forbes from using precisely those words to describe the process of data commercialisation. This, of course, is the popular new way for businesses to increase their revenues . . . often by several millions. The likes of…

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