Leadership assessment: the new talent service offering at Wilbury Stratton

In response to feedback from a number of our longstanding clients, Wilbury Stratton are now offering Leadership Assessment as a service. This can accompany our executive search/talent pipelining services or act as a standalone service.


Leadership assessment takes account of present and future ability and businesses over the past 15 years have significantly increased their usage of this methodology in board assessment, hiring and promotion decisions and leadership development.

The two main areas leadership development is used are selection and development:

Selection – internal promotions or external recruitment. In case of selection (internal or external), employees are assessed versus certain job expectations.

Development – the assessment helps identify leadership development gaps in view of a certain position or level of responsibility as well as strength on which to build. This analysis can then be used to define tailor-made individual development plans.

The process has many benefits when used in the right way.

  1. Objectivity – using leadership tools and involving a third party help to control biases
  2. Confidence in decision-making regarding promotions or candidate selection
  3. Benchmarking – assessing your leaders/potential leaders against industry standard
  4. Engagement – Leadership Assessment is a thorough process which shows commitment from the employer/future employer and is therefore usually valued highly by those invited to take part
  5. Development – When used correctly, leadership assessment can weave itself into leadership development plans and serve as an excellent basis for growth.

What does a leadership assessment look like?

  1. Personality questionnaires – the Occupational Personality Questionnaire, the Motivational Questionnaire and Hogan Development Survey
  2. Reasoning ability tests – covering verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills
  3. Extensive two-hour interview with candidate – the interview explores the experience and specific aspects of their personality arising from the completed questionnaires