Corporate Sustainability and Diversity

Corporate Sustainability

Wilbury Stratton’s Corporate Sustainability strategy presents us with the opportunity to meet and exceed the expectations of clients, employees and all other stakeholders beyond our statutory obligations.

Our approach to Corporate Sustainability is integral to our entire approach to business and is embodied in our governance framework. Our recently established Corporate Sustainability committee plan to meet quarterly to report on progress made and discuss ongoing developments within the strategy.


The Executive Search industry has an important role to play to help deliver the diversity agenda and develop best practice.

Wilbury Stratton supports all pledges and codes of conduct that value and harness the talent, differences and potential of everyone to achieve business success.

 To that end Wilbury Stratton:

Client relationships

A primary responsibility for all business is its economic impact. For Wilbury Stratton this means focusing on building strong, long-term relationships with our clients, based upon a thorough knowledge and understanding of their business. Our clients place considerable trust in our ability to provide them with a tailored approach that meets their specific needs, whether as the employee or employer. This demands that we act with a high degree of integrity at all times and that we respect our clients’ wishes for confidentiality throughout.

Wilbury Stratton consultants are guided by Wilbury Stratton’s Code of Ethics, which outline the standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality expected at all times.

Investing in our people

Teamwork, effective management and personal development are the cornerstone of our values. We believe fundamentally that we cannot provide our clients with consistent, high quality services without investing in the well-being and development of our colleagues. We understand that a robust Corporate Sustainability approach is vital if we are to remain committed to recruiting, retaining and engaging the best people.

Carbon management

Although by the nature of our business we have a relatively low carbon footprint, our business nevertheless has an impact on the environment. Equally, we recognise that running a business efficiently makes good business sense. As a key part of our Sustainability strategy we will be launching our Carbon Management programme encompassing emissions (energy and travel) waste and procurement. This programme will be ongoing and we will report on a regular basis about our progress.

Community investment

We recognise that there is an appropriate role for business in helping to tackle some of the issues affecting our society through community investment. We also recognise that employee volunteering and community project partnerships create valuable opportunities for personal development and teamwork.

Diversity and Inclusion 

Our objective is to enhance diversity and create a supportive culture in which all employees regardless of ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, nationality or disability can develop their skills, advance their careers and maximise their potential.


This statement outlines Wilbury Stratton’s key values and intentions fundamental to creating a successful Sustainability strategy. 

Download our latest Communication of Progress to the UN Global Compact